Harmonising by Sarah


With harmonising Dawn Breslin created a profound well-being roadmap that taught me to get real about my expectations, reconnect with my natural energy, and ultimately redesign a life that felt natural and enjoyable. 


It’s no secret we’re all built differently – some people love to wake up at 6am, some people love the taste of marmite , some people can crush a killer workout at 10 at night (ugh)! With harmonising, it felt like I drew back the curtains on my unique energy rhythm, and from that, I created a life-style that was made for ME to thrive.


All of a sudden, my health improved, my motivation improved and I felt fulfilled. My relationships flourished and I became the friend, daughter and mother I’d envisioned for myself. I felt energised, enthused, and joyful. I became self-sustaining, if not self-flourishing. I felt like saying “I am now the captain of this ship”.  


You want more. The hard part is defining what “more” is. The search for it makes you believe that only drastic changes will satisfy your hunger. A new career? A new partner? A new life? Well, the grass isn’t always – if ever – greener on the other side.

Harmonising is a ground-breaking program that blends  coaching and counselling and focuses on creating green grass right where you’re standing. Through a systematic process harmonising naturally heals and transforms the stress, insecurity, and stuckness. 


This newfound practice mimics nature – stick with me for a second. 


Why is it that trees and animals ceaselessly self-sustain through countless adversities? They don’t have anyone watching their back or telling them how to do what they do. 


It’s because they instinctively know their natural calling. They understand how to thrive in the space that was made for them. It is because of the lack of things telling them how to behave and setting ancillary expectations for them that they’re able to flourish in their specific niche. 


This is the outcome of harmonising. Breaking down the pressure, the false expectations, and the comparisons that have left you wanting more of something you can’t pinpoint. 


Harmonising silences the noise and helps you reconnect with your inner strength. It brings to the surface what’s already ingrained within you. The guiding, innate principles that years of caring for others, social media scrolls, and comparison games have buried deep down.


Are you ready to break down those heavy walls and step into your life of wellness?


Schedule a consultation with me now and discover where your life will be in just 10 short weeks.



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