Helping you create a life full of purpose, fun, energy and fulfilment.

Hello, I’m Sarah, and I’m on a mission to help Incredible women, just like you, to thrive. I’ll help you to discover your true purpose and find lasting joy, energy and fulfilment in your life. My approach to supporting you is fundamentally different because it throws out the rule book, dispelling the idea that you must immediately have goals and an action plan. Instead, I encourage you to go inward, not outward, to help you find the ‘thing’ that makes way for living your best life.

Can your days be defined by…

  • Insecurity?
  • Fear?
  • Stress?
  • Exhaustion?
  • Guilt?


Let me help you find “your thing”.


The “thing” that gets you flying out of bed in the morning,

The “thing” that replaces racing thoughts of anxiety with inspired ideas that manifest into real life greatness.

The “thing” that kicks insecurity to the door and makes way for bold, passionate, “check me out” confidence.


                                                                              Discover the ways I can help you

HARMONISING delivered by Sarah


A path to wellness.
This influential process, created by Dawn Breslin, blurs the lines between coaching and counselling and helps you uncover your unique roadmap to well-being. Through outlined steps, you’ll trans-form stress, insecurity, and overwhelm into habits that blossom into a life of wellness.



Elevate your understanding of self.
This personal assessment tool deepens your understanding of self — from why you communicate the way you do, to how you respond to conflict. As an accredited DISC profiler, I help you to trans-late this information into powerful guidelines that improve your relationships at every level.


Inspired goals, definitive action.
As a professional coach, I specialise in working with you to assess the steps you want to take towards living your best life. I then  work with you to set goals, identify an action plan, and usher in some tough love to make sure you see the results you’ve had high on the shelf for years.

Coaching Acadamy