DISC Profiling by Sarah

DISC Profiling

Humans are walking self-fulfilling prophecies. We’re told that we’re passive-aggressive so when situations of conflict arise, we act accordingly because that’s “who we are”.


DISC Profiling puts context behind these false representations of self. Through this self-assessment and report, you’ll uncover what motivates you, what scares you, and what is your first reaction to stress. Through this discovery process, you’ll learn that these aren’t guiding principles but merely learned reactions. Learned reactions are much easier to shed than foundational beliefs.


When you develop a deeper understanding of self, you walk into relationships and conversations feeling free of the chains you and others have laid shackled. You improve communication, productivity, creativity, and self-awareness.


The key to bettering your life begins with understanding yourself. Upon completing the DISC pro-file you will receive a detailed 17 page report and a that helps you understand. Schedule your DISC consultation today.

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